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  • It’s GIF, not GIF.

    (Week 12) Hi, in the case of a fire: commit –> push –> escapé

  • Very Informative Content.

    (Week 10) Let’s see how our site is doing with this fancy infographic: As you can see, not much has happened. Bye!

  • Remix???

    (Week 9) I’m not going to lie, I am not very certain as to what to do here… How does one remix code? Hmm… Actually… Hello, StackOverflow! It’s a love-hate relationship a developer has with StackOverflow. A programmer’s paradise or hell, paradise if you find the exact code snippet or solution you are looking for, […]

  • Instances, Objects, and Classes! Oh My!

  • Converso Reverso: Infinity + Beyond = Infinity. Fact.

    (Mini Assignment #2, Week 4) Welcome to a new segment called “Converso Reverso” where we interview a special guest and showcase a post that they wrote on some predetermined topic given before the interview. This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the revered and may I say – dashing – Mr Buzz Lightyear! […]

  • It’s Corn! A meme.

    (Mini Assignment #1, Week 3) By now we have all come to love and know the absolute treasure that is… the CEO of corn!!! As such, I have taken it upon myself to do my part in preserving his legacy by memefying him. Enjoy! Have a corn-tastic day! 😀

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