(Week 3)

In the beginning, developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created WordPress. They said, “LET THERE BE PLUGINS!” Matt and Mike saw the plugins and saw that it was good.

Gandalf about to make some stuff cray.
(Yes, this is Gandalf.)

Alright, enough of that.

In reality, the process of setting up this blog and installing plugins was quite painless. However, navigating and manipulating WordPress to do my bidding was a different story.

As a creator of websites via nerdiness, I’m used to creating sites from the bottom up which allows me to have exact control over every little detail. During the creation and modification of my site, all that hard-earned knowledge withered away as I struggled to figure out how to center an image (some things never change) with WordPress’s semi-intuitive editor interface.

While I was Googling for resources (basically half of a dev’s job), I noticed that many of them were for older versions of the WordPress interface. So, more often than not I had to make guesses as to where certain functionality could be.

Alas, not all was lost!

I did find this lovely site on creating a custom navigation bar as well as this link that allowed me to figure out how to separate my post by categories. Another resource that helped me in my journey was this video about setting up a static home page. Setting up a static home page allowed me to direct my audience to my newly separated Public and Process posts.

Hope this was somewhat inciteful! Bye for now.


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