How does one analyze something with no data to analyze?

(Week 10)

Alright, Google analytics, I get it. It’s important for sure, however, there is a caveat…

There are no stats when there are no viewers 🙃.

I’m trying, I swear! I guess I shouldn’t sell myself short though because in reality What the Cat Said has struck a goldmine with all 7 of its users:

Snapshot of users, sessions, bounce rate, and session duration for What the Cat Said in the past 7 days.

These impressive stats are only in the last 7 days. What say we take a look at the last month?

Snapshot of users, sessions, bounce rate, and session duration for What the Cat Said in the past 28 days.

That’s pretty good! 7 to 15 users is not so bad… right? But 15 does not a good sample size make. Anyhow, looking at the bounce rate, it’s pretty low so it seems as though people are generally staying longer than a couple of seconds or navigating to more than one page! The session duration also shows the average session per user is 6 minutes and 38 seconds! That time is roughly the length of reading one/maybe 2 articles. I feel like that’s pretty good!

Let’s take a look to see if we are retaining our audience:

Pie chart of new vs returning users on  What the Cat Said.

This looks kind of floppy. Ideally, I would like to have more visitors returning, however, it’s probably a good thing that we have new users?

Meme of Gordon Ramsey yelling at his poor lackeys saying, "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!."

A statistic I found interesting was device usage. It seems that 75% of our audience is mobile! This is cool, but it is interesting because much of the content that is posted (public posts anyway) is about things that happen on computers, aka comp. sci. Yes, yes I know that mobile devices are computers. Well here are the device stats:

Stats showing the percentage of mobile users (75%) vs desktop users (25%) on What the Cat Said.

And unsurprisingly, the most viewed pages are the public and process anchor pages:

Stats showing pages vs page views on What the Cat Said in the last 28 days.

In the end, even though the sample size is small, it was kind of informative to understand what is happening to this site outside of the publishing itself.

Anywho, perhaps I’ll look into these stats again once the semester ends.

Hope to see you again (got to pump up those stats)!


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