How is this Last Semester Going You Ask?

(Week 9)

Oh, you didn’t? That’s ok, I’m going to rant anyway.

To be honest, it hasn’t been thaatttt bad. It’s just a few select weeks over the last couple of months that have really worn me down. I have burnt out already. It sucks, but it’s true. This week in particular has been chaos. GIANT project for CMPT 454 was due on Monday, and 4 projects are due tonight. Trying hard to keep up it together but man is it difficult.

In the midst of the stress I like to get on my once white carpet, curl into a fetal position, and chant to myself “one more month, one more month, you will be super employable, your 50k student loans will pay themselves off, one more month, one more month…” You know, all the optimistic stuff!

Graduation cap that says "Hire me please."

Aside from my monk-like journey to nirvana, I also enjoy taking relaxing baths, they make me sleepy and they hide my tears! Win-win-win! The third win is the win my institution gets by taking all my money and leaving me an anxiety-ridden, empty, discarded husk of a person. Like these stock photo new grads I found via Google images:

New graduate students sitting on the steps outside looking sad because school has burnt them out and they are no longer shiny and new.

You can see how empty their souls are from all the head touching (that’s where the soul left the body, duh).

You know what though? I think I will enjoy being a discarded husk. I believe I will enjoy the sleeping in, the Leetcode grinding, the paying attention to my dog Totoro more. Maybe I’ll pick up any one of my 1231 pseudo-hobbies in my spare time, sewing, violin, baking, painting, making miniature houses, reading, etc. I call them pseudo-hobbies because can you REALLY call them hobbies if you spend less than an hour a week, nay, a month doing them?

I digress, this rant is making me feel worse, not better, also, I’m tired and want to eat a pizza pocket. GOOD DAY.

Meme of Fez from "That 70's Show" saying Good Day.

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