More Media? MORE?

(Week 12)

Hi all!

Right now, What the Cat Said is primarily a written blog. That is, I write things and I post them.

Shocked Pikachu face
It was between this an Owen Wilson going, “Weow.”

However, with POSIEL’s process prompt this week there is a great opportunity to shake things up a bit and figure out ways to incorporate transmedia.

I am sick right now so bare with me and my scattered, feverish thoughts.

All four of Charlie's grandparents lying in bed sick. Yes four.
As sick as Charlie’s grandparents. (Anyone else think it’s weird that Charlie’s grandparents all share one bed? Anyone? Hello?)

Ok, back on topic, to say that I ONLY have written things on my blog is a bit of a lie. A lie because, I have been encouraged through Posiel to post media that is not text, aka my video post, Instances, Objects, and Classes! Oh My! As well as my very polished audio snippet post, Talking about Linked Lists.

Would I incorporate these types of media again? Yeah, I think so.

It makes inherent sense to incorporate videos for computing science concepts because many people learn well visually and by following along with a video coding tutorial you can pause and repeat as needed. I have found that if I don’t understand something from documentation, finding a relevant YouTube video can do wonders in solidifying concepts that I’m iffy with. So, for the future of this blog, I can definitely see myself adding more video tutorials 👍.

As far as audio only media… I think that CS concepts can be lost when handling abstract concepts in an audio only manner. There are so many concepts that just NEED a visual, which is why I added images of linked lists on my linked list audio post. I think if I were to venture into more audio only content it would be in the form of a podcast discussing tech news and easily imaginable computer science concepts.


It’s hard to think of media that I could or would want to venture into that would fit the overall vision for this blog. Integration with social media seems… weird for a CS blog? I don’t know. I started a twitter account for this blog but have not and frankly will not use it (Elon nonsense aside). Here is my reasoning:

A) I have a sneaky suspicion people who give a hoot about CS are not really on social media, and B) when I am looking up something related to programming or CS I absolutely do not and will not click any link remotely associated to social media.

I need the facts, give me those lines, give me that expertise only a 50-year-old grunt who is the single most integral cog in a legacy system that has no documentation holding everything in his noggin would know. I need that. And best believe, that good sh&nbspt is NOT on TikTok or the like. So, what else?

One could contest that CS content persists on reddit’s subreddit r/programmerhumor, but that’s the only kind of vision I see working with social media and CS, humour.

Meme of Elon Mush disliking elegant code in favour for less elegant code that does the same thing with more lines.
More lines equal better code, right? RIGHT? Doesn’t matter, you’re already fired.

I don’t know… Perhaps I am being short sighted. I think I will revisit this topic at some point to gain a better understanding of what is possible. For now though, I need to drink all the Neocitran I have and pass out.

Bye, bye!


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