Peer Reviews

Dedicated to constructive summaries that review my POSIEL peers and their public-facing works.

Cat says
  • PR #3: A Sustainable Fashion Blog
    (Week 11) Wow. Dressing sustainably (DS). I know this peer review post is supposed to be about analyzing your audience and marketability and this may tie into it… but damn, the optics (in a good […]
  • PR #2: Naught, Nothing, Not.
    (Week 8) As I lay my tired eyes on Record of Naught for the first time I think to myself, “I don’t know what I’m looking at…” I like it, wait do I? I think […]
  • PR #1: NickDrawsThings
    (Week 5) Nick draws things and apparently, Nick paints things also! Actually, the only portfolio Nick has on their site is painting. Given the title of their site, I guess we can expect drawings at […]
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