This is where you can find process posts as they relate to POSIEL, with or without process post prompts.

Cat says
  • 👩‍🏫💻🍪🥤🗼💻🙋🏻‍♀️✌.
    Dear Posiel, So long, farewell, bon voyage. Today marks the last day of Poseil 😥 (emojis courtesy of Jim over at Slice of Jim, otherwise I’d still be googling emojis and Ctrl+c & Ctrl+v-ing them […]
  • More Media? MORE?
    (Week 12) Hi all! Right now, What the Cat Said is primarily a written blog. That is, I write things and I post them. However, with POSIEL’s process prompt this week there is a great […]
  • React-ing to Angular
    (Week 11) Hehe. For you front-end devs, I am learning Angular. Coming from a background of React I have been forced this semester to learn angular. Ok, forced sounds bad, while in actuality I would […]
  • PR #3: A Sustainable Fashion Blog
    (Week 11) Wow. Dressing sustainably (DS). I know this peer review post is supposed to be about analyzing your audience and marketability and this may tie into it… but damn, the optics (in a good […]
  • How does one analyze something with no data to analyze?
    (Week 10) Alright, Google analytics, I get it. It’s important for sure, however, there is a caveat… There are no stats when there are no viewers 🙃. I’m trying, I swear! I guess I shouldn’t […]
  • Essay: Filter bubbles and their creation of echo chambers and polarizing viewpoints
    Introduction Algorithms lurk beneath the surface of an individual’s every search and click on websites like Google and Facebook, gathering a user’s data to display information the company believes the user wants to see. These […]
  • How is this Last Semester Going You Ask?
    (Week 9) Oh, you didn’t? That’s ok, I’m going to rant anyway. To be honest, it hasn’t been thaatttt bad. It’s just a few select weeks over the last couple of months that have really […]
  • Filter Me This.
    (Week 8) Coffee? Filter. Face? Filter. A myriad of ads only ever showing you Wish items under $1 because Google’s algorithms know how much money you have (don’t have) in your savings account? Filter. This […]
  • PR #2: Naught, Nothing, Not.
    (Week 8) As I lay my tired eyes on Record of Naught for the first time I think to myself, “I don’t know what I’m looking at…” I like it, wait do I? I think […]
  • Duck, Duck, Duck… Posiel.
    (Week 7) This week in #POSEIL we are tasked with picking apart a site that we frequent and discussing what works and what doesn’t in terms of design elements. As it is the spooky season, […]
    (Week 6) Today in #posiel we had the pleasure of having a guest speaker speak at us. Unfortunately, “guest speaker” is as specific as I can get (I swear I am not trying to be […]
  • PR #1: NickDrawsThings
    (Week 5) Nick draws things and apparently, Nick paints things also! Actually, the only portfolio Nick has on their site is painting. Given the title of their site, I guess we can expect drawings at […]
  • Confused Process.
    (Week 4) Hi all, I had thought that our peer review counted for a process post… But unbeknownst to me, it did not. The tables have changed or perhaps I was sitting at the wrong […]
  • I Tried to IG it. Went with Twitter Instead. & A Reply to Craig Mod
    (Week 4) Show of hands, how many people are annoyed by the nitpicky and invasive policies it can take to create social media accounts? Via talks with friends about this ordeal, I know I’m not […]
  • Genesis
    (Week 3) In the beginning, developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created WordPress. They said, “LET THERE BE PLUGINS!” Matt and Mike saw the plugins and saw that it was good. Alright, enough of that. […]
  • Stranger Encounter
    (Week 2) On Saturday the 17th, I attended my childhood best friend’s wedding. No sooner had we been playing Sailor Moon on the playground at the spry age of 6 than us trying to get […]
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