These posts aim to solidify and express the way I interpret various concepts in computing science. It is my goal to strengthen my learning by doing and teaching. Feel free to join me as I explore *exciting* CS concepts as I struggle through my last semester.

No promises that it will be fun!

Cat says
  • Let’s Build Something
    Hi ya’ll! Today I am going to show you a quick little video that shows some very basic Angular via a little application. Ok, scratch that… I FULLY intended to upload a video but it […]
  • It’s GIF, not GIF.
    (Week 12) Hi, in the case of a fire: commit –> push –> escapé
  • “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”
    (Week 11) If you can’t guess from the very obvious title, this post will be on Angular. Sorry Shakespeare, nobody cares. If you have happened across my last post, you will know how new I […]
  • Very Informative Content.
    (Week 10) Let’s see how our site is doing with this fancy infographic: As you can see, not much has happened. Bye!
  • Remix???
    (Week 9) I’m not going to lie, I am not very certain as to what to do here… How does one remix code? Hmm… Actually… Hello, StackOverflow! It’s a love-hate relationship a developer has with […]
  • Talking about Linked Lists
    (Week 8) Hey everybody! Today I have an audio recording about the linked list data structure because honestly, my wrists hurt from typing and I think I might be getting carpal tunnel… Enjoy! Images to […]
  • You Can Do it Little Guy!!
    (Week 7) Hey folks, I’ve decided that I would like to do something a little different this week. This week I would like to honour someone near and dear to me. The apple of my […]
  • Instances, Objects, and Classes! Oh My!
    (Week 6)
  • Misty Water-Colored Memories…
    (Week 5) Saddle up Streisand fans, it’s memory time! I feel the theme of this blog is to get people hyped about a topic that is only marginally related to what we are really going […]
  • Converso Reverso: Infinity + Beyond = Infinity. Fact.
    (Mini Assignment #2, Week 4) Welcome to a new segment called “Converso Reverso” where we interview a special guest and showcase a post that they wrote on some predetermined topic given before the interview. This […]
  • It’s Corn! A meme.
    (Mini Assignment #1, Week 3) By now we have all come to love and know the absolute treasure that is… the CEO of corn!!! As such, I have taken it upon myself to do my […]
  • Pointers, True Love: A Modern Fairy Tale.
    (Week 2) Every CS undergrad’s favourite topic Once upon a time, you find yourself sitting in SFU’s Embedded Systems course trying to contain your unbridled excitement about your absolutely revolutionary idea to create a one-of-a-kind […]
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